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Claim Status and ordering

Collections MAX Collector / Professional displays accounts in what we call a “shuffle system”.  This means that there are a few criteria for the accounts to be displayed and how those accounts are presented to the collector on screen.  In Collections MAX the goal is to move the debt around so the collector is working the oldest accounts first.

This applies to the collectors Index, Good Numbers and Skips, Newbiz and so fourth.  Promises, certain Work by queries like by status name, and Searches do not apply here.

For simplicity let’s say the collector is using his Index (which is all of his accounts that have an Open or Do Not Dial claim status).

Claim status’s are set in Collections MAX Administrator under Utilities / Status Names.  Closed claim status accounts will not show up under normal operation to avoid the collector from tripping over them during normal work.

The system will order the accounts by the last worked date.  The last worked date is the field that looks like below.

Here you can see the last worked date is 2/19/2019 and the account has not been worked in 272 days.  The yellow last worked number of days indicator will turn RED when the number is 3 or less to alert collectors not to call the debtor as calling too many times can get your angency in trouble with regulators.

Changing the last worked date.

To change the last worked date all you need to do is notate the account.  The next time you hit the index button or log in the account will be shuffled to the end of your results.




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