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Collections MAX is Windows based debt collection software. Our suite of programs installs on your computers. We offer a free limited system which includes Collections MAX Administrator, Collector and Scheduler. Paid upgrades and paid modules are also available.
Collections MAX is a modular debt collection system. This allows you to easily expand your capabilities when your needs arise by purchasing other modules.

So for an example let's say that you are just starting out. And it is only you. You would want to purchase 1 license of Collections MAX Professional (1 license per computer) and then simply host the database on your own computer (installation video is on our Downloads page.) You would also get (free of charge) Collections MAX Administrator and Collections MAX Scheduler. These 3 software titles (Professional, Administrator, and Scheduler) are what we refer to as our base system.

Now let's say you have remote collectors or employees working from other locations. You can add on Database Hosting and have your database hosted in the cloud so that remote users can connect to it using Collections MAX Professional (and Administrator if they are managers).

If you have Database Hosting and want your debtors to be able to pay you online you can purchase our Payment Portal so your debtors can log in and submit payments.

If processing large amounts of debit / credit cards becomes a burden you can add on Collections MAX Payment Runner which will automatically process all of these payments for you...even before you step into the office in the morning!

If you are doing skip tracing and would rather have it performed in a batch we sell our Collections MAX Update Utility and System Tools software that can batch update your accounts with a return file from almost any data broker.

As you see with Collections MAX our system capabilities can expand when your needs increase ensuring that you don't out grow our system.
Yes. Unfortunately this software isn't compatible with date and currency formats from other countries. It can be used in other countries if you are collecting debt inside the United States by setting all of your computers regional settings to United States and the launguage to English. You would find these settings in your Windows control panel.
Collections MAX software can be used in conjunction with our Database Hosting Plans. Our database hosting puts your Collections MAX database online and lets you and your users connect using their Collections MAX software and an internet connection. We offer plans with and without a VPN.
Collections MAX uses MariaDB which is free and is a faster variant of MySQL. MySQL has been used for years by many different businesses like Facebook and Google.
Yes. Definitely. Normally you convert your Excel spreadsheet to a csv file and then we have tools inside Collections MAX Administrator where you can easily map the file and then import your accounts.
Yes. Collections MAX Administrator has over 30 reports included. Plus we have a custom report designer where you can create your own reports.
Collections MAX uses the USA EPAY gateway via one of our partner merchant accounts. Our software can also process credit and debit card payments via our Payment Runner system and that software can use USA EPAY, Authorize.Net and NMI merchant gateways. Our payment portal is compatible with USA EPAY, Authorize.Net and NMI and can also process Usio debit and credit cards along with Decca Payments Echecks.
We have our files and a You Tube video in the Downloads section of our website that shows you how to install and configure the software.
The number of users that can access the system at one time is completely dependent on the size of your server as each connection consumes resources. Our database hosting servers can normally accomodate up to 25 concurrent users but dedicated servers with larger resources can handle many times that number.
We offer ticket based email support that normally has a response time of less than one hour on normal business days. Phone support and additional I.T. services are provided by our certified consultants who are independent contractors and have a thorough knowledge of our software.
Yes and no. It depends what you want to do. If you are going to be using the software as a single user you don't need a server. You can simply install everything on a single computer using our video in the Downloads section of our website. Multiple users require some sort of server (which can be just another windows desktop computer) where it contains the database to "serve" information to your other users. If you would rather that we handle the setup of the server we have database hosting plans available on our website. These plans make getting a system up and running fast and simple!
We have a software product called Payment Runner. We can easily set it up to connect to ANY Usa Epay, NMI, or Authorize.Net gateway account that you have to process all of your debit and credit card transactions....including post dates.
For any type of debt collections you need a high risk merchant account. If you try to process credit cards under other types of merchant accounts and the banks find out they can and will shut you down quickly as debt collection will not be allowed under a normal merchant account. Decca Payments and our other partners can assist you with obtaining a high risk merchant account.
Collections MAX has been around for over 10 years. In that time we have partnered with other developers and have integrated products into our software that greatly expands our capabilities to be much more than just a Windows based desktop software. Some of these products include credit reporting, custom reporting, dialer systems.....etc. Visit our partners page by clicking this link to find partners that can give you all the features you are looking for.
First thing you will need is your own website. It can be a single page site if you want. Preferably with your own domain name.
You will want to have some sort of credit card processing setup. Decca Payments has an echeck integration with our payment portal.
Then you will need one of our database hosting plans. You will then need our Payment Portal.
And finally you will need Collections MAX Professional software for your debt collectors on order to work accounts.
Collections MAX Administrator and Scheduler are provided for free.
Yes it can. But it requires you to dual boot a copy of Windows. Apple has a utility called Boot Camp that lets you install Windows on a MAC computer. Click this link to learn more.
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