Collections MAX Payment Runner

$85.00 / month

Automated credit card processor for Usa Epay, Authorize.Net and NMI Payment Gateways.

If you are paying someone to manually process your credit cards from Collections MAX and they are spending more than 15 minutes a day doing so this program will easily pay for itself!

Gone are the days of manually processing credit card payments!  Collections MAX Payment Runner processes ALL of your credit card payments for you automatically (even on weekends) so you don’t have to!  With the ability to reprocess DECLINED payments and notify debtors via email of both DECLINED payments and expiring credit cards this module would be a great addition to your Collections MAX system!

Please note: You will receive a separate email questionnaire from the Decca Software Company within 12 hours after ordering.

You can get this software for FREE by opening a merchant account with Decca Payments.


Collections MAX Payment Runner is an automated credit card processing system that has the following features….

  • Compatible with Usa Epay,  Authorize.Net, and NMI gateways.  You do not need to have a partner merchant account to use this software but Decca Payments customers can use this software for FREE as long as they are using their Decca Payments merchant account to process payments.
  • Direct integration with Windows Task Scheduler allows you to set up to two different times you want the system to automatically process your payments (like 7am before work and 7pm after).  You also have the option to manually run the software at any time.
  • Software automatically logs into your Collections MAX database and processes all of your post dates and new credit card payments.
  • Automatically handles all of your DECLINED payments.  Enterprise type feature that automatically reschedules the payment for 2 days ahead and sends the debtor (if email address is on file) an email informing them of the declined payment.  This gives the debtor time to either contact their bank or contact you for updated payment information.  Decline system lets you determine how many times a payment can be ran after the initial decline before the system marks the payment as REVERSED.  This feature alone can increase your revenue substantially.
  • Capability to notify both you and the debtor of expiring credit cards.  If there are extra credit card payments on file this software can send both an email to the debtor and notate it in it’s report.
  • A detailed report will be emailed to you when this software runs to show you exactly what was processed and what was declined.
  • Integration with Collections MAX Administrator 4.1 that gives you Payment Runner template options for debtors emails that include Last 4 digits of the customer credit card number, Rescheduled Payment Date, Declined Reason and the Credit Card Expiration Date.
  • Price is per database.  One copy is permitted per agency/database.  Software uses an ecrypted file that is not user editable.  We can change the server settings via apppointment only if needed.
  • 5 payments per minute processing speed.  Easily handles the most demanding post dated systems.

To check to see if you have an NMI payment gateway if your gateway url where you process payments looks like then you have a NMI gateway and this software is also compatible with NMI!