Online Docs

Please note that all of our documentation is being updated for our newly released version 4 and is a work in progress.
Please see our VIDEOS for now if you cannot find what you are looking for below.



Installation Guide Online Documentation
View the Collections MAX Installation Guide online.

Soon to be new home for all of our online docs and manuals.  Under Construction


Certified Consultants 
Our consultants provide services outside of our free support such as file loading and custom reporting.
Download their contact information in PDF format.

How To

Billing Tree – Payment Savvy Integration
Quick jump to the integration on the Main Documentation Website.

Importing Batch Files
Quick jump to importing batch files on the Main Documentation Website.


Privacy Policy 
Download our Privacy Policy in PDF format.

Software Licensing Policy 
Download our Software Licensing Policy in PDF format.


Client Access Module Documentation
Quick jump to the Client Access Module docs on the Main Documentation Website.

Screen Pop Web Service
Our hosted web-service allows you to pop your accounts from virtually any predictive dialer.

Update Utility Online Documentation
New style online documentation of our Update Utility

Update Utility PDF Download 
Download the Update Utility documentation in PDF format.