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The Collections MAX Screen Pop Web Service is a subscription based hosted web service that enables users of Collections MAX Professional 4.0 and above to automatically screen pop the account once a call has been connected via a compatible predictive dialer.  This service also allows a button to be pressed to retrieve the account that the dialer last connected to.

The predictive dialer must be able to send a http GET request to our website once a call has been connected in order for the screen pop webservice to work. The TMAX dialer is an example of a dialer that can send a http GET request.  Most all dialers can send a http GET request.
The webservice requires a small monthly fee as it is a hosted service and activation keys can be purchased in your download manager at https://www.collectionsmaxlicenses.com 

These keys can be shared between your Collections MAX Professional users as the monthly subscription is based on the number of screen pops a collection agency needs.  This depends on the number of dialer seats the agency is operating.  The total number of screen pops allowed per month will be totaled between all users who is using the same activation key.

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