Collections MAX Update Utility


The Collections MAX Update Utility and System Tools is an Administrator tool that expands the capabilities of the base Collections MAX Debt Collection System.

The main part of this utility allows you to update account information via a batch file.  Normally when you send your accounts to be scrubbed by a third party data broker like TLO, Microbilt, Lexis Nexis or Accurint they will send you back what they call a “batch append” file that contains the data you sent them plus all the new phone numbers and addresses you ordered.  This software can process the batch append file and update your debtor’s accounts with all that new information saving you time and money!


This is an Administrator system tool. Normally you only need one license of this software per agency / server.

The Collections MAX Update Utility and System Tools allows you to easily batch update accounts that are in the Collections MAX MySQL database.  Some of the things it can do is as follows.

  • Batch import pdf, Microsoft Word, data, and text files and attach them to the documents and skip info section of Collections MAX Professional.  This can be anything from credit reports, media, previous notes, etc.
  • Process a return file from your clients to automatically recall accounts and place them into any selected status.
  • Easy one click export for TLO and Microbilt.
  • Close out debtor accounts in states you are not licensed in using our State Licensing Tool.
  • Close out illegal payday loans in states that have outlawed them using our State Licensing Tool.
  • Reset accounts just like they was originally imported by clearing notes and other settings with our Notes Washer Utility.
  • Fix addresses before exporting them with an Address utility in the new Export Utility screen.
  • This software is licensed as a one time fee per computer.  No monthly fees, no maintenance fees!  Just think of the savings!

This software also contains the following system tools….

  • Documents and Skip Info Utility – New for 2018!  Import pdf, Microsoft Word, data, and text files in a batch.  This tool makes it easy to attach media to your debtor’s accounts.
  • Export System –  Export data from the Collections MAX database to an Excel spreadsheet or CSV WITHOUT needing Microsoft Office installed.   You can select the custom field names to be included or not in your export and even export masked files!  New options include fixing addresses that have “Returned Mail” or “Cannot locate Debtor” in the address by automatically reverting to the initial address log address.  There are many more export options here than what is available in Collections MAX Administrator.
  • Notes Washer –  This utility allows you to reset the notes on your selected accounts to make them appear as if the accounts was just imported.  There are also other options such as removing skips, promises, callbacks…etc to make your accounts appear to your collectors as new business.
  • State Licensing Tool –  Makes it easy to close out or move accounts that are in states that you are not licensed in.  Also includes a scanner to flag Pay Day Loans in states that have outlawed them.

This utility is also invaluable in correcting any import mistakes without needing to delete and re-import portfolios which could result in the loss of collector notes and payment data.  Designed with the same principles as the Import Mapping Utility found in Collections MAX Administrator makes this a very easy software to use.