Collections MAX Server Setup Package


  • We install the software and configure your server for you remotely.
  • Most of the time the process lasts less than an hour.
  • We can usually schedule you for an appointment the next business day.


The Decca Software Company will provide a trained technician to remotely configure your Windows office server for use with the software. We can also configure a remotely hosted VPS or dedicated server running Windows Server 2008 R2 to 2016 if you want your software to use your internet connection to access your accounts online.

Configuration includes installation, setting up and connecting to the database, configuring your initial users, and configuring a static ip address for your server.

  • We connect to the computer you want to use as a  *”server” using remote software.  We simply send you a link….you download and open up a program and you are connected.
  • If you purchased additional licenses we help you set those up too.
  • We set you up for an appointment.  During the appointment it usually lasts an hour or less depending on the amount of installation you require.
  • Computers need to all be able to connect to the internet and should be on a wired internet connection…and not WIFI for the most stable experience.
  • Usually we can get you in the next business day for an appointment.

*Please note that ANY desktop computer from Windows 7 thru Windows 10 can also be used instead of a Windows Server Operating System.