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We have a video that shows you how to install Collections MAX and covers everything except the last two sections of this guide.

You can click here to watch our installation video.

To install a Collections MAX system (regardless if it is installed on a single computer or an entire collection agency) you will need to follow a few steps.
We have taken the time to capture just about every part of the installation process however please be aware that MySQL (the database that Collections MAX uses) is owned by the Oracle Corporation and that the screen shots may differ slightly with their product as new releases become available and the installation screens change.

The components that you need to install the system is as follows:

Collections MAX Administrator The Administrator is a separate piece of software that is the control panel for the entire Collections MAX system. It is freeware and can be installed on as many computers as needed. This software should only be installed on computers for agency owners or managers and SHOULD NOT be installed on the collector’s desks.

Collections MAX Database Installation Wizard The Collections MAX Database Installation Wizard is a graphical software utility that installs the collections max database after MySQL has been downloaded, installed and configured. It also allows you to set up your initial user names and passwords to access the system. If you are setting up the software on a LINUX box you can also use this software…. however you will need to connect to your LINUX box from a Windows computer as this software only runs under Windows.

Collections MAX Collector OR Collections MAX Professional – Collections MAX Collector is the free version of the debt collector module and Collections MAX Professional is the paid version. Collections MAX Collector (free) has many limitations including time outs after 10 minutes, 200 collector accounts maximum, 5 collector limit for the system, and 1000 system account limits. Once these limits are reached the software will lock you out until you upgrade to Collections MAX Professional. Collections MAX Professional, which is sold on the website, is installed in place of Collections MAX Collector to remove these limitations.

Collections MAX Scheduler – The Collections MAX Scheduler is our automation component. It is freeware and only one scheduler per agency database is needed. The scheduler is responsible for many tasks like marking broken promises, automation, calculating interest, database backups, and scheduling payment reminder letters.

MySQL (up to 5.5 ) OR MariaDB (up to 10.1) – This is the SQL server that Collections MAX communicates and stores and retrieves data with. Previous versions of MySQL prior to 5.5 did not scale as well on multiple core computers. The difference between the Community or Enterprise editions is mostly support and quicker updates to bug fixes and enhancements. It is recommended to purchase the Enterprise edition and obtain support from Oracle because the Decca Software Company does not support the MySQL database as it is not our product. MySQL is required to be installed regardless of the system configuration as it is a needed component.


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