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Callbacks are reminders.  These reminders are set by the collector to “call someone back” ….hence the name callbacks.  This button doesn’t pull up a que like some other buttons in our system but rather it displays a seperate panel along the bottom of your screen that shows our entire call back system.

When you click this button you will see a screen like below.


Add Callback

When you click the Add Callback button you will create a callback reminder for the account you are currently on.  You will see a screen like below.

Here we set the callback for 3pm on October 2, 2019.  Clicking OK will add the callback to the system.


There are a few ways for collectors to view scheduled popups.  The first is if the collector has a callback scheduled for the same day and he logs in he will see a screen like below.

Then a collector can also click the Today’s Callbacks button and see the callbacks due for that day.

When a collector gets a callback notification it will look like the screen below.



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