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Top Menu

The top menu is located at the top of the main screen as shown in this screen shot.

When you click on the top Tools menu you will see the following.

Check for updates – Contacts our servers and checks to see if you are running the latest version.  If a new version exists you will be asked if you want to download and install it.  The auto update features of this software will check our servers every five days and notify you when there is an update available.

Remove License from this computer – This will invoke a utility that will contact our servers so that you can remove the activation key off of this machine.  After this has been done you can reactivate using the same activation key on a different computer.

Documents and Skip Info Utility  –  This will bring you to a utility that you can use to import batch data like credit reports and pdf files into Collections MAX and attach them to debtor accounts automatically.

Export System  – This  will take you to our Export system tool so that you can export debtor account data to an Excel Spreadsheet or csv file.

Notes Washer  – This utility allows you to reset the notes on your selected accounts to make them appear as if the accounts was just imported. There are also other options such as removing skips, promises, callbacks…etc to make your accounts appear to your collectors as new business.

State Licensing  Tool – This tool makes it easy to close out or move accounts that are in states that you are not licensed in.  It also includes a scanner to flag Pay Day Loans in states that have outlawed them.

Update Mapping Utility  – This will bring you to Step #1 in using the Collections MAX Update Utility software as you need to build your update file so you can update your accounts.

Update Utility – This  will bring you to Step #2 in using the Collections MAX Update Utility software as you import the file to batch update the accounts created from Step #1 in the Update Mapping Utility.






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