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Configure Collections MAX Scheduler

The settings for the Collections MAX Scheduler is located inside Collections MAX Administrator and needs to be configured before it is deployed. To get there click the Utilities button on the Collections MAX Administrator control panel.

Then in Utilities click the Settings button.

Then click the Scheduler tab to view the current scheduler settings. Click on the Edit button to make changes to the scheduler.


There are a few recommended settings for Collections MAX Scheduler.  This tutorial will not cover ALL of the settings but just the basics.
1.  Put a check in the box to delete callbacks greater than (30 or 60 days).  This is so the callback mechanism in the software does not get bogged down by too many outdated entries.  Essentially if a collector isn’t going to call someone back after 30-60 days the entry should be deleted.
2.  Put a check in the Mark broken promises checkbox.  This is so the software can identify accounts that have Broken Promises on them and change the status of the account to Broken Promise if a payment has not been received by the promise date and the Administrator has not changed the promise to Kept status.
3.  Check off the box that says Enable Automatic Backups.  The scheduler will create a backup of your database each night it runs.  Make sure to click the Select button and then choose the folder you would like the software to save the backups to.  Click the OK button when finished and you can now click the Close button on the top right.

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