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Logging into Collector / Professional

The user names and passwords for Collections MAX Collector / Professional are stored inside Collections MAX Administrator.
Log into Collections MAX Administrator and click the Collectors and Managers button.
Then on the collectors data grid select your collector.  Here we have selected JCollector.
Then click the modify button to get the collector’s login information.
(If you need to add collectors to the system this is the screen you do it on).
Below are the user names and passwords we are going to use for logging into Collections MAX Collector / Professional.
Remember: these passwords are CASE SENSITIVE so you have to enter them exactly as shown.
Here the user name is JCollector and the password is jim12345
Close out the above form.
Open up Collections MAX Collector or Professional.
In the login box we are using the following.  If the MySQL server is located on the same computer use the word localhost for the server….if not use the ip address of the server.  The username in this example is JCollector and the password is jim12345 as shown above.  Click the login button.
If you entered the correct server / user name / password combination you will see a Login Successful screen like below.
The login screen will disappear and the Collections MAX Collector / Professional screen will appear and display any accounts that are assigned under that collector name.

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