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Configure Network Adapter

If you plan on using your server for multiple users you will need to put the server’s network card on a static ip address from your local area network (LAN).
This has to be outside the DCHP (automatically assigned) range of your router.  Your router will assign ip address to connected devices….you want to make sure that your router doesn’t assign the same ip address as your server or you will get an ip address conflict.
Since there are many brands of routers we can’t possibly cover them all in this installation guide.  Check your router manual to find out how to determine the ip address range your router will give out over DCHP.

Example: Your router will assign addresses from to  It would be a good idea to set your server’s nic card Ipv4 address to so you do not get an ip conflict.  If you are unsure about this….please stop now and get the services of a network technician.
As far as a tutorial on how to setup your network settings…..there is a really good one on this web page below.  Even though the title does not say it the tutorial below does cover Windows 10.

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