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Screen Pop Relay

Sometimes it is not possible for a dialer to send custom fields (like the collectionsmax.dbase.id) of the popped account to our screen pop webservice.  When this happens a relay script needs to be used.

With the screen pop relay the dialer sends the popped phone number to the relay script along with a few other possible parameters like userid and password (if you enabled password protection from inside the script).  The script will query the phone number against the collectionsmax database and it will automatically relay the correct  information to our screen pop server.

Our PHP relay script is usually installed on a web server that is directly on the Collections MAX database server itself .  An example of an easy to use web server would be something like the Abyss web server for Windows or the Apache web server for Linux.  You can find tutorials on how to setup a PHP environment online using google.  Please don’t try to put the script on a different server than the one with the database on it because you might endure a ton of latency.  Latency is a term used to define a delay.  And since we are already using two hops instead of one (dialer to relay to screen pop server) that delay can be substantial and can cause issues with the screen pop system.

Using this script with http is preferable over https as it will be faster due to no encryption overhead and there is very little sensitive information being passed to or from the screenpop webservice (the user id, the screenpop activation key you are using and the collectionsmax.dbase.id of the account).

When using the relay it will be best to use the screen pop system in Normal mode since there will be added latency which will cause Auto mode to pop too late.

Configuration of the PHP relay script is done directly in the script itself and in the script you will find documentation on the settings.  Requires PHP 7 and above.  Tested with PHP 8.

You can download the Collections MAX Screen Pop Relay PHP script by clicking here.

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