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Dialer URL

When a call has been connected it will need to send a http GET request to our screenpop server from your dialer.  The format of our url is shown below.
http://screenpop.collectionsmax.com/insertpop.php?userid=[userid]&key=[activationkey]&accountid=[dbase id]

The user id is the user id that is set up in the collectors software in the activation screen.  Each user needs a differet user id and the dialer needs to send the same user id to the screen pop server when it connects to a call.

This is the activation key that was used to activate the screen pop service….which is also found on the activation screen inside the software.
Keys for the screen pop service can be shared by multiple users and the total usage will be applied to the account.  Once the limit has been reached for the month you will need to either upgrade your subscription or purchase additional activation key subscriptions.

This is the dbase id of the account that is found in the dbase table of the collectionsmax MySQL database.  This data is loaded into your dialer from our export system and has the reference column of id.  This dbase id field tells the system which account to pop when a call has been connected.

IMPORTANT: This id field IS NOT the filenumber or the accountnumber.  The id field is obtained in an export in the software by going to Export Accounts / Dialer tab in Collections MAX Administrator and exporting out a csv file (Make sure TMAX Dialer is selected and click Export Dialer File button after selecting your accounts.)  PLEASE NOTE###### OTHER EXPORTS FROM COLLECTIONS MAX OTHER THAN THIS TYPE OF EXPORT (EXCEPT FOR OUR TCN EXPORT) WILL NOT WORK IN THE SCREEN POP SYSTEM BECAUSE IT WILL NOT CONTAIN THE id FIELD LIKE A TMAX DIALER EXPORT WILL.    The very first column in the resulting csv file will be the Id field you need to map when you upload your file to the dialer using the dialer interface.
If sending the dbase.id of the popped account in the accountid field is not possible on the dialer you are using… we have created a screen pop relay PHP script that can be setup so the dialer only needs to send the phone number of the popped account to the script instead of sending it directly to the screen pop server.  The dialer sends the phone number of the popped account to the PHP relay script (that is hosted via a web server and has access to the Collections MAX database) and the script finds the accountid (dbase.id) in the database from the phone number and relays everything to the screen pop server.  It acts like a man in the middle relay.


If we have the following settings for the collector as shown in the previous Activation screen pop settings of

userid: col1

And the dialer connects to the account with a collectionsmax dbase id of 1421
accountid = 1421

From the above data the ACTUAL URL that you need to send to our server from your dialer would be as shown below.

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