Remote options available

In this crazy pandemic world many collectors are remote and operating out of their homes or in different locations.  Our software can be used remotely as a single or multi-user system by combining our database hosting with software like Collections MAX Professional for your collectors.  The VPN option in our database hosting plans is a great way to secure your remote server via an encrypted SSL tunnel.

Purchasing the software outright at a low one time $179.95 cost per seat (Collections MAX Professionaland combining it with a database hosting plan is by far most cost effective option for remote debt collection software.  You get a great debt collection system for a fraction of the price that can be used with remote users and at a very low monthly rate compared to other debt collection software packages.

Here is an example for a remote 3 collector system with a VPN hosted database.

Collections MAX Professional @ $179.95 each X 3 = $539.85

Starter with VPN database hosting plan = $40.00 / month.


Total cost to get started = $579.85

Monthly cost from second month onward = $40.00

So if you do the math on this you will see that your monthly cost (in this example) is only $40.00 per month to host all 3 users and not $50-$100 or more for EACH user like other debt collection software.

One time software licensing fees and low cost hosting plans makes Collections MAX an affordable alternative to expensive debt collection software.






Remote options available!Click Here