Version 4 update – fix custom field phone numbers

QuestionsVersion 4 update – fix custom field phone numbers
support Staff asked 4 years ago

After the version 4 update I cannot pull up custom field phone numbers.  Is there an easy fix?

1 Answers
support Staff answered 4 years ago

Go to Utilities / Custom Collector Screen in Collections MAX Admin. For every custom field that is a phone number edit the field and change the TYPE to a phone number. This is new in Version 4. Then exit that and Click Import Accounts / Import using CSV Data File. Now this is the tedious part. At the VERY TOP click Match And Tie / Auto. You will need to do this for each portfolio so select one to begin with. You will see STEP 3. We do not need step 3 so put a checkmark in the bypass duplicate account checkbox and click OK. Then you will see STEP4. THIS IS WHAT WE NEED TO RUN. Click OK. On step 5 just close it out. Repeat the process and the phone search will work for all your custom fields as well as they will all be in the phone log.

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