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Sean Roill asked 11 months ago

At one time or another my email was (edited). I am not fully sure but I have lost the ability to go into the collections max files. The name of the company was (edited). Is there a way I could put a different email since the one I had was gotten rid of. I am not sure what to do but I have over 30 or so licenses and license for the utility program I am at a loss they may even be hooked up to my ex\’s account. Please help. The names to have bought them are (edited).

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support Staff answered 11 months ago

What happens in this case is we need to verify your identity before we can assist you.  After identity verification we will only give you access to accounts that are in YOUR NAME.  If they are in someone else’s name (even if it was a company you was a partner with) YOU will need to contact the partner and he will need his identity verified with us as well before we can provide access.  We will at least do our best to identify the partner for you to contact.
To begin the process you will need to create a support ticket on our website and attach 3 forms of identification.  One being at least a photo id like a drivers license or a passport.  The other two form of id can be a recent bill that has the same address as the photo id.
Our support ticket system is found at the url below.

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