End of support for Internet Explorer

End of support for Internet Explorer on August 17th

As technology evolves, our goal at the Decca Software Company is to evolve with it. We aim to build and maintain features that you care about, and deprioritize features that no longer deliver the security and functionality that our customers need.With that in mind, starting August 17, 2021, we will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 in our applications. While certain features will likely still function in Internet Explorer, we’ll no longer proactively build our software to work with Internet Explorer, and will not fix bugs or malfunctions in the legacy browser. If you continue to use Internet Explorer 11, you will likely experience performance issues when using Collections MAX.We recognize that a small subset of our customers still use and value Internet Explorer, and decisions that impact even a single customer negatively aren’t easy. Here’s the full context behind our decision:

  • Microsoft is ending Internet Explorer support and retiring the browser. With the launch and evolution of Microsoft’s Edge browser, they’re ceasing support for IE on August 17 and deprecating it entirely in June of 2022.
  • Internet Explorer usage has declined to near zero. Among the broader market, the browser’s customer usage has dipped to .62% (from over 40% ten years ago). Among our paying customers, Internet Explorer’s usage is similarly low and has dropped over 50% in the last year alone.
  • Supporting Internet Explorer 11 costs all of our users time. Because Microsoft no longer provides tech support for older versions of Internet Explorer, it would require significant additional engineering bandwidth from us to support this browser.   That would make our software load slower for all users, so removing support for Internet Explorer 11 will improve the performance of Collections MAX across the board.

If you or your organization still use Internet Explorer, we’d recommend following Microsoft’s instructions to transition to Edge. Edge has an Internet Explorer compatibility tool if your organization still relies on Internet Explorer specific functionality.




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