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Configure JIT Scheduler

As mentioned previously…..a firing component like the JIT Scheduler is used to start the Collections MAX Scheduler at a predetermined time (usually at night) so that the Collections MAX Scheduler can do it’s automation routines. To bring up the JIT Scheduler control panel either double click on the icon or click the JIT Scheduler icon in your icon tray to bring up the program.


Desktop Icon (double click)


icon tray (double click)


On the Task List Toolbar you want to select SYSTEM TASKS (not the default User Tasks)  and then click the New button to create a new task.



You need to create a name for our task….here we used the name Scheduler in the Task name box.
At the end of the Command box you will click the Command Browse button and we will be selecting the SCHEDULER.exe executable that is in our Program Files / Collections MAX Scheduler directory.
Please Note: 32 bit machines have a single Program Files directory ( usually in the C: drive) and a 64 bit computer will have both a Program Files directory and a Program Files (x86) directory.  If the computer / server is 64 bit then Collections MAX Scheduler will be located in the Program Files (x86) directory as SCHEDULER.exe is a 32 bit executable.
Make sure that Application is selected for the Task and the Active icon is checked.  Click on the browse button to browse to the SCHEDULER.exe file.
Browse to the Collections MAX Scheduler directory and click on SCHEDULER.exe. Then click the Open button.
The file can be found in Program Files(X86)/Decca Software Company/Collections MAX Scheduler V4/    (on 64 bit computers)
After SCHEDULER.exe has been selected click on the Next > button.
You will see a warning below…..just ignore it and click Yes.
This is where we set the days of the week and months for our task to run.
  Click the + button to select all days of the Week and make sure all of the months are checked off.  Click the Next > button when finished.
This screen is where we set the time for the task to execute.  Normally it is good practice to set it before the debt collectors start work in the morning.
Make sure the scheduling selector is set  to run the task in the defined time (Normal Task)
You can change AM/PM by clicking the AM / PM button.  Set your desired time using the Time selector.
Put a check in the Run later checkbox.
Click the Finish button.
Once your task has been setup…..you can simply click the Exit button to close the JIT Task Scheduler. It will still be active as it is a service.

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