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Timothy Lewis asked 7 months ago

I purchased Collection Max Professional around 2013. The computer I was using stopped working. I purchased a new computer and installed Collection Max from the Backup CD with the activation key and it wont accept the key (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) Can you please instruct me on how to reinstall the Software I purchased on my New computer.

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support Staff answered 7 months ago

I checked the activation key (and removed it from public view).  The key was tied to your old computer so you would need to revoke the key ($25) and get a replacement in your license manager at
The email you used was q***
We have a forgot password link on that site in case you forgot your password.  If you don’t have access to that email anymore you can open a support ticket on this website and after we verify you we will send you the password.
To revoke a key, when you log into you click on the key itself and then click the revoke activation key button and submit the $25 to get your new key.  Then you will need to download the latest version of Collections MAX Professional from the downloads section of  (uninstall the old version) and you can activate it with your replacement key.  If you have the older database you will also need to run the v3 to v4 upgrade utility found in the download portal as well.