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Jeff Pusateri asked 6 months ago

Good Morning Frank (or whomever),
I was wondering how or if the “process payment” button can be activated to certain collectors modules.  Or is it an all or none thing.  I remember back in the day, you just had to add the .config file to the cmax folder in the c: drive.  But I couldn’t locate a config file in either of MY admin or cmax folder.  Nor did I see any .txt files that resembled the config files of old.  Is it just the “source key” from my processing company saved as a .txt file?  I also don’t want it on ALL machines, just a couple.  Any insight would be appreciated.
Thanks in Advance,
Jeff Pusateri
Paramount Assets Protection Services

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support Staff answered 6 months ago

Hello Jeff,
Yes.  The process payment button has been able to be limited to only certain collector modules since version 3.  We are currently on version 4.
The btree.config configuration file is definitely a blast from the past.  The newer software generates the configuration file itself.  I have enclosed a word document from version 3 below that shows you how the activation process works.  It’s basically the same in version 4 but the screenshots are different.