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Eric Rose asked 1 year ago

How many accounts can be maintained in the system by the Cloud Base Version?

1 Answers
support Staff answered 1 year ago

There isn\’t a hard limit on the number of accounts the web connect servers can handle.  However the web connect servers (the basic ones) are not designed to handle a huge number of accounts or remote collectors because they have less specs (memory…processor…etc)  than an in house server.  I would estimate that our web connect servers can handle 7-10 collectors (connections) with 50-80K accounts in their base configuration with decent performance.  A higher spec\’d VM or dedicated server will be able to handle much more than that.  Also the more accounts you have and the more users you have the more load you put on the server.  So for the best performance on our base server you would probably want to keep the number of accounts below 40K and the number of users at around 5.  You would be able to get away with much more for a higher spec\’d VM server.

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