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Terry asked 2 years ago

Is it possible to have Cmax software run all pending payments for the day, automatically? As of right now, I have to manually take payment info from Cmax admin and reenter it, for all pending payments each day. I would like to connect my merchant to Cmax admin and set Cmax admin to autorun all payment every day at 8 am. Is this possible?

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support Staff answered 2 years ago

Not automatically.
Not yet anyways.  We are looking to get that functionality in an add on software package sometime in the future after we integrate into our gateway.
However, it appears that you don’t have electronic payment processing setup with us.  If you had a merchant account from one of our partners (link below) we offer free integration with the software so you would NOT have to manaully reenter payment information.  You could simply click a button to process a payment in the software or even batch process credit cards by uploading a file to the gateway.
So not having payment processing with us will hinder your abilities to process payments in bulk.  Here are two links.  One to our partners for payment processing and another showing bulk processing with credit cards.  Enjoy.

support Staff answered 1 year ago

We just released Collections MAX Payment Runner that runs all of your credit card payments automatically.  It supports UsaEpay, NMI and Authorize.NET payment gateways.
You can read more about it here:

Remote options available!Click Here