Collections MAX Client Access Module

$295.00 per year

This is an online web based portal to give your clients access to ONLY their accounts.

You can have this client access module installed on your current Windows server inside your office or on your hosted Windows VPS or dedicated server. No per client or monthly fees.

Your clients can view their accounts online inside any web browser!


Our Client access module allows real-time browser based client access for clients.  They can log in using any web browser to view their files online.  Here is a list of features for the Collections MAX Client Access Module.

  • Clients can easily view up-to-the-second account information from current placements. There is even an option for them to notate the log on the account!
  • Clients can drill down reports directly on screen. Then they can print or export the reports to Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • Our Stats page gives clients up to date financial information about their accounts.
  • Our charts page gives historic and forecasting ability to your clients so they can easily track progress on their accounts and forecast pending payments and promises.
  • Clients can upload placement files to the server.
  • Free installation is included.


*Please note that the client access module expires after one year from the date it is purchased and the license must be renewed to continue using the module.