Collections MAX - Prices

Collections MAX Professional   - $179.95 per computer
This is the debt collection
software your collectors will use.
 You need one license per computer.

Collections MAX Professional is the upgrade from the free Collections MAX Collector.  Upgrading to this module will remove the 1000 account limitation, the session limitation,  and the five collector limit. 

  • This is a one time fee per computer.
  • It never expires.
  • NO MONTHLY FEES REQUIRED!  Just think of the savings!
  • You don't lose any data from the free version.  You simply uninstall the free collector software and install the Professional in it's place.
  • You receive Free priority email support and are entitled to Free upgrades for the life of the product.
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Please note that software installation / server configuration in NOT INCLUDED in the purchase price of this software.  If you need Professional help in configuring your server or installing MySQL you can order our Server Setup package at the bottom of this page and we can remotely do it for you. 
Training and importing account data is also NOT INCLUDED and needs to be purchased separately if needed.

Collections MAX Update Utility  -  $379.95 per computer
This is an Administrator system tool.
Normally you only need one license of this software per agency / server.

The Collections MAX Update Utility allows you to easily batch update accounts that are in the Collections MAX MySQL database.  Some of the things it can do is as follows.

  • Export out data to a third party skip tracing service and then be able to re-import the return file and update all of your debtor's information.
  •  Process a return file from your clients to automatically recall accounts and place them into any selected status.
  •  Move accounts to different collectors automatically from a file instead of doing it manually.
  •  Export out database data to Excel without needing Microsoft Office installed using our new Export System Tool.
  •  Easy one click export for TLO and Microbilt.
  •  Close out debtor accounts in states you are not licensed in using our State Licensing Tool.
  •  Close out illegal payday loans in states that have outlawed them using our State Licensing Tool.
  •  Add phone numbers from the custom screen into the phone log using our new Custom Fields To Phone Log Utility.
  •  Reset accounts just like they was originally imported by clearing notes and other settings with our Notes Washer Utility.
  •  Fix addresses before exporting them with an Address utility in the new Export Utility screen.

  •   Custom Fields to Phone Log Utility - Scans your custom fields and formats then places the phone numbers in the phone log for easy one click dialing of custom fields.  Also makes it easier to search for the phone numbers once they are in the phone log using our standard phone search.
  •   Export System -  Export data from the Collections MAX database to an Excel spreadsheet or CSV WITHOUT needing Microsoft Office installed.  Over 500X faster exports with this software compared to our free Collections MAX Administrator module!  You can select the custom field names to be included or not in your export and even export masked files.  New options include fixing addresses that have "Returned Mail" or "Cannot locate Debtor" in the address by automatically reverting to the initial address log address.
  •   Notes Washer -  This utility allows you to reset the notes on your selected accounts to make them appear as if the accounts was just imported.  There are also other options such as removing skips, promises, callbacks...etc to make your accounts appear to your collectors as new business.
  •   State Licensing Tool -      Makes it easy to close out or move accounts that are in states that you are not licensed in.  Also includes a scanner to flag Pay Day Loans in states that have outlawed them.

 This tool is also invaluable in correcting any import mistakes without needing to delete and re-import portfolios which could result in the loss of collector notes and payment data.  Designed with the same principles as the Import Mapping Utility found in Collections MAX Administrator makes this a very easy software to learn and use.

Click Here to View the Update Utility documentation

Collections MAX Client Access  -  $295.00 per year

This is an online web based portal to give your clients access to ONLY their accounts.
You only need one license per server with this software.

You can have this client access module installed on your current Windows server inside your office or on your hosted Windows VPS or dedicated server.  No per client or monthly fees.  Your clients can view their accounts online inside any web browser!


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Click Here to View the Client Access documentation

Our Client access module allows real-time browser based client access for clients.  They can log in using any web browser to view their files online.
Client Login screen

Clients can easily view up-to-the-second account information from current placements.  There is even an option to notate the log on the account!
                        Accounts screen

Clients can drill down reports directly on screen.  Then they can print or export the reports to Microsoft Word or Excel

Our Stats page gives clients up to date financial information about their accounts. 

Our charts page gives historic and forecasting ability to your clients so they can easily track progress on their accounts and forecast pending payments and promises.

Please note that the client access module expires after one year from the date it is purchased and the license must be renewed to continue using the module.

Collections MAX Web Connect  $295.00 one time setup fee
plus $57.00 per month for hosting.

This is a cloud based server for Collections MAX.  This is so you can put your database in the cloud where remote collectors can access it remotely using Collections MAX Professional.

WEBCONNECT is an optional online database hosting service developed by the Decca Software Company that allows your business to run Collections MAX software over a high speed internet connection without the need for a VPN.  Users will be able to run the desktop software locally on their computer and be able to access the system database that is hosted online.  This combines the benefits of both desktop and web based debt collection software into one integrated solution.  Now administrators, collectors, attorneys, and clients will all be able to access the system no matter where they are located.  This service is also perfect for those who need to use the software but do not have the resources to set up and manage the database.  We install and manage everything for you in a turn key package.

This service puts your server in the CLOUD!

A major benefit of a Web Connect Hosting Plan is that you DO NOT need to have a server in your office!  Only a high speed internet connection is required!  We handle managing the server for you and performing backups to your database on a nightly basis.

We utilize high quality, super fast private servers for our web connect hosting.  Your data is never commingled with other agencies and you receive your own static ip address for your server.

Just think of some of the possibilities.
  • You can run a collection agency with remote collectors from anywhere in the world.
  • An Attorney can log into the system and work any legal accounts assigned to him.
  • You can run more than one office without complicated VPN hardware.
  • You can outsource your accounts without them ever leaving the system.

This service also installs the Collections MAX Scheduler to automate your database.  The Scheduler can run the built in automation program, mark broken promises, schedule pending postdated payment letters, calculate interest, and make a complete backup the database every night. 

You will need to purchase one Collections MAX Professional license for each computer that will be connecting to the Web Connect hosting service.

Click the button below to purchase a Web Connect Account.  After purchase you will receive an email on how to setup and purchase your hosting from our approved hosting provider.

Collections MAX Screen Pop Web Service

Please note that this is not actual software but an "add on" service for our Collections MAX Professional software version 3.1 and higher.

Starting in version 3.1 of Collections MAX Professional our hosted screen pop service allows you to connect just about any predictive dialer to the software and when a call is connected it will screen pop the connected account.  This is a low cost monthly subscription and will save your collectors countless hours of looking up accounts when your dialer connects a call. 

With these plans a single activation key can be shared among many different collectors.

Unused screen pops do not carry over from one month to the next and there are no partial refunds for partial months used.

These plans can only be purchased directly through our online license manager in the store section of
16,000 Screen pops per month
Good for 2 full time collectors plus a small buffer
$29 / Month
40,000 Screen pops per month
Good for 5 full time collectors plus a small buffer
$49 / Month
65,000 Screen pops per month
Good for 8 full time collectors plus a larger buffer $79 / Month
90,000 Screen pops per month
Good for 11 full time collectors plus a large buffer $99 / Month
* a full time collector is based on 300 screen pops per day and 25 working days per month.

The above plans can only be purchased directly through our online license manager in the store section of

For more information about our screen pop web service please visit our online documentation at the url below.


Decca Software Company has created some of the best values in the industry for debt collection software.  Our services can be of great value to your company. 


The Decca Software Company will remotely train your staff on how to use the software.

As a guide here are the usual training times.

1 Hour for Collections MAX Administrator - minus importing accounts
1 Hour for importing accounts using Collections MAX Administrator
1 Hour for updating accounts using the Collections MAX Update Utility
1 Hour for Collections MAX Professional

$90.00 per hour

Server Setup Package

The Decca Software Company will provide a trained technician to remotely configure your Windows office server for use with the software.  We can also configure a remotely hosted VPS or dedicated server running Windows Server 2003 or 2008 if you want your software to use your internet connection to access your accounts online. 

Configuration includes installation, setting up MySQL, configuring your initial users, and configuring a static ip address for your server. 


Data Import Service

Please contact one of our consultants who can take care of all your data import needs.

Certified Consultants 
Download their contact information in PDF format.


Collections MAX Proxy Server

Collections MAX Proxy Server is a GPL v2 open source project (not developed by the Decca Software Company) that interfaces with the Collections MAX Debt Collection system to provide increased speed and query optimizations in handling MySQL connections to remotely hosted servers.


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