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MySQL Date / Time Error

Please Note: The below instructions are outdated.  In Collections MAX Administrator 3.0.3 and above there is a new Rescue Center in the main control panel.  If you get a MySQL / Dat Time error simply click on the Rescue Center, click Fix MySQL Date Time Errors, select your client and portfolio, click Next-> and then click the FINISH IMPORT button (only if the error occured during import....which could happen if you opened a csv file in Excel and saved it.)




When you exported the CSV file from the import mapping utility you may have opened it in Excel before opening it in the software.  Excel will reformat all of your data and cause a MySQL Date Time error.  You will need to fix this by:

1.  Log into Collections MAX Admin as root
2.  Go to Clients and Portfolios
3.  Delete the PORTFOLIO.  You will be prompted if you want to delete the accounts.  You can delete the accounts only as you do not have any payments.
4.  Create a NEW file using the import mapping utility.
5.  When you export it out this time DO NOT open it in Excel.  If you have to right click on the file and open in notepad ONLY.

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