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how do I retrieve the license key / activation code from the CollectionsMax Pro. I have 79 computer with CollectionsMax installed and one hard drive just crashed. I am trying to find out what license code I need to transfer to the computer when I replace

If you know what computer name (or machine name) of that computer you can go to and login.  Click each one of your activation keys and the online portal will tell you the machine it was tied to.

If you Don't remember the machine name you will need to export the keys from the license manager to an excel spreadsheet (click the Export keys button in the license manager) and then for each machine you will need to log into Collections MAX Professional and click the GEAR icon (settings) under the zip code.  Enter an Administrator password and the activation key will be displayed at the top of the form above the time zone alerts.  Record the computer name in the excel sheet and the one that is missing will be the one that you need to reactivate or revoke and replace.

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